Riverside Village


Riverside Village at Hammond’s Ferry

With an entire apartment complex, senior living center, a variety of restaurants, department stores, and more, Riverside Village will be a vibrant center of entertainment, shopping, and community in North Augusta. We chose our slogan “Live. Work. Play Ball!” as a reflection of our Master Plan: we truly want to create a location that can cater to any experience. With this goal in mind, we searched for the best location in North Augusta to create our love letter to the city, a place to bring all of us together to play America’s favorite pastime.

The conclusion that we came to? Riverside Village. We are not just building one of the most exciting minor league ballparks in the nation, but adding to the soul of our city. More than that, we’re creating a new place in North Augusta to live, work, and play, all right next to the Savannah River. No matter if you’re a baseball fan, looking for a place to live, or just a proud citizen of our wonderful city, take heart: Riverside Village is almost here, and we’re so excited to show you what we have in store.